Management Consulting

Our Consultants have the knowledge and experience in management of quality and manufacturing operations. They can support management by providing advice and mentorship. Be it a current operation or a new start-up we can provide our expertise. We offer the following:

Project Management

For projects to be successful they require the following skills:


  • Strong leadership
  • Time management
  • Effective communication and negotiation
  • Problem solving
  • Risk management
  • Technical knowledge


Be it equipment qualification, process or systems validation or remediation projects, our experienced Consultants have the above listed skills to efficiently manage your projects.


Process Improvement (Lean/Six Sigma)


Processes should be evaluated periodically to determine opportunities for improvements and remove wasted or redundant efforts in the process, i.e. to make the process lean. Lean process improvement allows us to determine which processes are valuable and which are inefficient. Inefficient processes are also termed as “wasted efforts or non-value-added activities (NVA)”. Our Consultants are certified and experienced in Lean/Six Sigma and can perform the following:


  • Process and Capability Assessment
  • Lead Baseline events
  • Lead Lean initiatives in efficiency improvement in production processes
  • Execute Kaizens
  • Risk Assessments or Failure Modes Effect Analysis (FMEA)


We will work closely with your management team to get a clear understanding of your processes and determine operating problems using the lean tools. We can also assist with the implementation of performance initiatives.

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